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Angry Red Poll: Red and Black Days

Faith Miller, Grace Rivas, and Yarethzy Rayas

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Angry Red News staff decided to create a poll asking the students whether or not they liked Red and Black days. We asked a total of 136 students and the outcome was surprising. 14 students said they do not care, 15 said they do enjoy Red and Black days, and 107 students said they were not fond of them at all. Keelin Lahita, a senior here at LHS, responded that “the changing of the schedules makes it hard to feel organized.”

“I feel pretty good about them. I think a variety of teachers and administrators will agree on that and I think that they kinda allow us to accomplish all the different goals we have here at Liberal High School through e-time while also giving us a couple of days to focus on academics,” Mr. Vincent offered in a recent comment regarding Red and Black days. The whole idea of Red and Black days is to take out e-time to have longer class periods on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while still having e-time on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Even though a majority of the student dislike Red and Black days, teachers and administrators believe that the change will help them focus more on school and will only benefit them. Maybe the students opinions will change when we get further into the school year. Many changes have affected e-time this year, but most staff feel as if it will help students gain more knowledge for what they want to accomplish in their future.

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Angry Red Poll: Red and Black Days