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Annual craft fair and Christmas parade in Liberal

Faith Miller, Editor

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Craft Fair and Christmas Parade

This last weekend was filled with fun and laughter. The community put on a craft fair, which is when people from around Seward come and sell their DIY projects, homemade treats, and have booths for people to come by and get to know them and their company. This year’s craft fair was the best one so fair.

We had plenty of booths for all ages and activities for kids to come and enjoy. They had a hand full of stores where you could come by, sample some food, and they sold anything from popcorn to fudge. They had clothing stores for babies, toddlers, and adults. The Boy Scouts always participate every year by selling popcorn to help raise money for their trips and needs. And of course, how could you forget to go take a picture with Ms. Dorothy Gale herself! As you may know, Liberal is Dorothy’s home town.

Saturday evening, the town put on their traditional Christmas parade. Families gathered around to watch sparkling floats go down main street in hopes they would throw out candy. It was a cold evening, but the dazzling floats made it worth their wild. Kids were able to go visit Santa at his own home, and received a candy cane with some hot cocoa. At the end of the parade, the LHS dancers came out and danced to some Christmas jingles and definitely improved the crowd’s mood.

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Annual craft fair and Christmas parade in Liberal